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I Dwell In Possibility

So what does it mean to "dwell in possibility"?

A workshop I did last year, facilitated by my friend, Karen Hicks, brought to me a phrase that I use with myself and clients almost daily: "Nevertheless, I am willing". When I say this to myself I am acknowledging that whatever the circumstance, whoever is involved, whatever the comfort level, however I am feeling, whatever the outcome, if it is an experience that is for my highest and best good, I am willing - completely and totally - to be in it and to go through the experience in its fullest sense. I am willing to experience the fullness of the joy and love that is possible and I am also willing to experience the fullness of the illness or the sadness or the pain of the experience too. Everything is my teacher and I learn more and more about myself and the world that I create around me with every experience that I have. In that way, every experience that I have brings me to a richer and exponentially more full awareness, peace and trust.

When I replay my life in my mind, there are moments that were terrifying, embarrassing and painful and there were moments that were as close to perfect bliss as I can imagine it to be. I wouldn't tweak, alter or remove any one of those experiences at all. I am here and I am in love with this life as it is. I have no expectation of what the rest of my life is going to be. I have no conditions or limitations to put upon my being here. All I know is that anything and everything is possible in this day and I am open and receptive to all of that, if it's for my highest and best good. I joyfully dwell in possibility. My future is full of possibility and so therefore I am already satisfied with it all.

That's what it means to me. Be in possibility. Be there joyfully

  xo Kit