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Affirmation for Today:
I am free of extremes and I naturally sit in balance.
Visualization and Action:
Imagine yourself at a Theme Park, any one you wish, and you are walking around and looking at all the rides. There are the spinning tea cups that whirl you around so that you can’t think or see straight, the drop zone or bungee type rides that pull you up and then drop you down and leave your stomach at the top, the roller coasters with their break-neck speeds, high-highs and low-lows, and we can’t forget the bumper cars where people intentionally ram into you repeatedly and block you into a corner. These rides can be exhilarating, life-affirming and fear-facing. They can also leave you frustrated and make you toss your cookies. Then there’s the Ghoster Coaster (Canada’s Wonderland lovers will know) – that gentle little rollercoaster with the moderate speed and the moderate highs and lows. Fun, without the extremes. There's no fear getting on... and no feelings of nausea getting off. Just a fun day at the park. A good day. We have a choice as to what ride to get on. We choose every day.

We don’t need to live in extremes, in the “all or nothing” or “one or the other” ways of being. There is a middle path. It’s all about what we invest in. We don’t have to live in the memories of the glory days or stay in the depths of despair forever. The past is no more, the future isn’t yet and the present just is, but not for long :)

Every creation and experience of that creation has perfection in it and we don’t need to be "perfect" (we just are anyway) to experience it. That is the super-amazing part about being a human being. We just are. We’ll have difficulty and struggle in our life experiences and we'll also have tremendous joy and elation. It really doesn’t serve us to dwell in one or the other. How can we find the perfection in everything if we don’t know its imperfection?

We don’t need to struggle for balance. We can just allow balance to exist in your day and notice it where we find it. Have balance in the minute, the hour and day, but try not to dwell beyond that. It’s in going beyond the day that we will often find difficulty. Focus on staying in the now. Be kind to yourself, be honest and patient with yourself. Acknowledge where you struggle and where you thrive. Try not to look at things and see them as good or bad things, but perfect experiences.

As a good friend said to me: “Do not take the experiences that are being created now in the world and panic. In the panic you lose the perfection. Be patient, be quiet, go inward. Wait. Let the experiences flow as they must. It is said that “all good things must come to an end”, but so too must the things you perceive to be bad, and when they are done and complete, what invaluable lessons and insight has been given to you! There is the sweet prize.”

Be still. Breathe. Know perfection. It IS there.
xo Kitty