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I Surrender All

Affirmation for today:
I surrender all.

Imagine yourself holding on so tightly to things (money, energy, relationships, ideas and beliefs, fear, grudges, sickness...) and imagine all the tension that comes when you hold on so tightly. Then imagine dropping it all, letting it fall or float away, holding on to nothing, releasing all tension in your mind, body and spirit. Brea...the deeply and let go of your breath. Smile.

To surrender doesn't mean that you are giving up and it doesn't mean that you are in a state of despair. To surrender is to allow what is and to take in, to release and to flow with change and growth. Our own control is an illusion that doesn't serve our highest and best. Sometimes, no matter how hard we hold on, things slip through our fingers, paths twist and turn, and God always has a better plan. So instead of going against the flow of the river, turn around and let the current take you on some grand adventures. All the best places are down stream!

I've got room in my canoe for you :) Let's do this together.

xo Kitty