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I Know My Success By My Joy

Affirmation for today:
I know my success by my joy.

Visualization and action:
If you are experiencing joy then you are in the frequency of abundance and well-being. This is absolutely where you want to stay! Even when you aren't feeling that joy and even when you aren't feeling all that successful, one sure-fire way to align yourself with that frequency again is to imagine it. Remember what it like and bring it into your imagination as though it is happening right now. See it in your mind. Feel the sensations, the flutter in your heart, the HUGE goofy grin on your face, the feelings of satifaction at a job well done, hear the voices of praise and congratulations from your admiring fans. Do it now and you are one step closer to manifesting success. Now, just take whatever action you are inspired to take and remember to acknowledge the good feelings and your wonderful acheivements every step of the way.

If you're asking if it's too much to run around your livingroom with your arms raised, impersonating a roaring, no it's not.

I'm a fan!

xo Kitty