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I AM So Abundant

Affirmation for today:     I am SO abundant!
Visualization and thoughts:
Know your abundance so absolutely. Abundance comes in many ways - abundance of wealth, abundance of relationships, abundance of health, abundance of joy, abundance of support, abundance in your connection with God/All that is. If you have an abundance in one thing, you have the potential to have abundance in All things. Visualize... yourself acknowledging the abundance that you DO have. If you are financially stable, imagine yourself dancing in a rainfall of money or doing all of those things that money provides you the opportunity to do. If you are abundant in friends and family, imagine yourself surrounded by all the people who love you, hugging you, being kind to you, loving you. If you are abundant in health, imagine how strong you are, how much energy you have and what you are capable of. Once you have imagined those things that you KNOW you are abundant in, attach to those good feelings the thoughts and images of what you WANT to be abundant in. Ride that good wave!! When you're done, acknowledge how good it feels to be abundant and go about your day, knowing that you can ride that monster wave anytime you choose.

Cowabunga Dudes!
xo Kitty