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I AM Blessed

Affirmation for today:
I am blessed in every way and I wonderfully accept all the blessings that come to me today.

Visualization and Action:
The best way to feel blessed is to bless others. So today bless everyone that you meet. Bless the drivers around you (no matter how they are behaving). Bless your co-workers, your roommate, your animals, the person on Drive-Thru at Tim's and everyone else comes into your awareness today. It's as easy as just thinking the thoughts "bless you" as you pass them by, but if you want to take it one step further, you can make it personal. Look them in the eye and bring to your mind a personal blessing, like "Kit, may you be blessed today. May all good things come to you today and your blessing pass on to those who come to you for healing" (Thank you!). Or "Dear Jerk who cut me off just now, I forgive you because I know what it's like to be in a hurry and to feel rushed and anxious. I know what it's like to be unaware and careless. May you be blessed today and what ever stress you may be feeling ease and calm for you today. I wish good things for you, no matter what."

Feel free to throw in a few "I love you's" and "keep on rocking in the free world's" :)

xo Kitty