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So I did it...I was tempted by curiousity and, as it usually does to people, it got the better of me.
 A link on Facebook pointed to something about a diplomatic car in Egypt during the protests in January that ran over 20-30 people. I don't know what it was that made me disbelieve and feel like I should look just to make sure. I wish that I hadn't. I now know what it looks like and feels like to be helpless as you watch peoples lives ending violently. I was so stunned by what I had just watched and that feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. I wished I hadn't looked, but knew that there was nothing I could do to erase the images...and so I did what I always do. I meditated.
In my meditation I wanted to release the fear and negative emotions...they wouldn't help the people who had died in the video. I wanted to be a positive force, rather than give the fear that caused the tragedy any more energy.
I meditated on the scene in the video. I saw it in slow motion. I tried to imagine the energy there, the emotions of all involved. I meditated on bringing in beautiful light to the scene, bathing everyone....the entire city. I gathered all the love that I had in my heart and sent it to the people who were struck by the car, their loved ones, the people who watched it helplessly and the people who were in the car (including the driver who made such a terrifying decision). I told them all how much I love them, how I was sorry. I searched for their souls and sent them waves of peace. I prayed. I loved them again. I meditated on being a being of peace and unconditional love. THAT was my focus so that my energy would not add to the hysteria that was in that place.
Sometimes, if we glimpse those dark scenes and those disturbing emotions, reminding yourself that you are a being of love and peace is all that is within your power to do. It is ALWAYS a good place to start.
Yours in healing,