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Affirmation For Today
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Living In Healing

What is today for you?

Today I am going to spend time with my family. I am going to spend time with my niece, my daughter, my sisters, my husband and a really good friend. It's a good day when you can fill it with family. It doesn't even need to be a lot of family. It can be that one special sibling, your mother, a cousin, a best friend who is more like a sister to you....just family. When you are with family you can be and should be exactly who you are without any facade. If you feel like you don't have "family" - keep your heart open and ask for "family" to find you. Be open to them however they come to you and let them be exactly as they are.

Today I am going to spend time with my family. Tonight I am going to watch an awards show with the 4 Triplets (that's my other two triplet sisters and a friend we call our "swing") and we are going to wear lots of jewellery, our most comfy pajamas and eat like hogs....why? Because that's just what we do.

What are you doing today?

Yours in healing!