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Observing and Modifying

So this week I am mostly observing my natural habits - what I eat, watch, read and wear, what I think, feel, do and say - and I'm very very slowly modifying little things at first to see how I respond. It's an experiment - It's fun!

Things I've noticed so far:

*I eat chocolate at the first sign of stress or displeasure

*Watching violent TV shows (like Heroes etc...) makes me feel sick to my stomach for about an hour afterword - it's anxiety. I love TV and I love sci-fi etc... but I find I (literally) no longer have the stomach for it! The same goes for TV shows that are nasty - shows about lying/cheating/conning etc... vicious things. I can't watch them anymore. My mother was right when she said "once you put something in your brain you can never get it out again". You'd think I had learned my lesson after 25 years of zombie nightmares!

*Reading gossip blogs like "Perez Hilton" and "TMZ" make me feel yucky and I feel like when I read them I'm adding to the negativity that goes out to these celebrities. Honestly, you couldn't pay me to live their lives so why do I think it's ok to find pleasure in their struggles?

Things to think about...