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New Year's Eve 2009 - The Blog Begins!

Here we are, at the beginning and the end. The beginning of this blog and the end of 2009 - the year of challenges. I've tried blogging in the past...about losing weight, about work...but I realized that I didn't blog so much when I wasn't losing weight and writing about work after I've finished work isn't so fun. Yet blogging can be a wonderful outlet for reflextion and creativity - a very healthy thing! - and so I thought "what could I write about? What makes me really happy?" and then I realized what my whole life is about - HEALING! I eat, drink and sleep healing. I search for healing, I work in healing, I am part of healing and it makes me really, really happy. And so here it is - my journey. The statements here are my simple opinions and observations. They are my trials, challenges and reflections into this incredible journey of healing that I expect to be on for the rest of my life. Perhaps they will ring true to you, the reader, or perhaps your opinions and experiences will be vastly different - isn't that wonderful!?!
I wish you so much healing in 2010! Many Blessings!