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Never too late...

Well, it has certainly been a while. There have been many things that have happened over the last few months. I've learned some lessons about living without a computer for a couple of months that I would choose never to repeat ;) I've been healthy and sick, I've been happy and sad. It has been exactly what life should just IS.

I'm so thankful to be back online, and just to touch base with everyone again I want to share something that has been with me while I was offline: "It's never too late."

It is never too late to start (or restart) something. It doesn't matter if you've put it off for so long that you feel the time has passed you by, don't let it! Today might just be the perfect day to make the phone call you've been dreading. Today might be absolutely the right time to start on a journey of healthy living. You might be at the perfect age to really appreciate the new opportunities for what they are when they come to you. The point is this - you are never too old, never too weak, never too undeserving, never too fat or unhealthy to do what you need to do today to make your life better.

I believe this for myself and I believe it for you.

Yours In Healing,