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Fear and Shame - Time to get over it?

I've recently been reading Deepak Chopra's book "Why Is God Laughing?" and there have been a few points that have struck me. The book is largely about the illusion of fear.

Last night these words had me thinking:

"Imagine that your worst enemy comes over to your house. He sits down in the living room, and no matter what you do, he won't go away. Day after day he refuses to leave. What do you do? You begin to ignore him. You pretend he's not there."

"You're home isn't your home if there's an enemy living there. It doesn't matter if you toss a drop cloth over him, or if you decide to completely redecorate the place. Until you figure out a way to make you enemy leave, you'll never feel safe."

"The world is your home, and it is safe. God created it that way. But fear crept in. Big problem. Nobody feels safe anymore."

"As long as you live in fear, the world is a threat. If that doesn't matter to you, okay. But living that way you'll never know the joy of your own soul."

Here is my thought on this - Most people will agree that fear in their lives is a bad thing and they would like to not react in fear, but many people don't recognize fear anymore and aren't aware that their reactions are often fearful. Fear is not just terror, fright, worry and anxiety. Fear is also known as depression, anger, guilt and shame.

I had a few phone calls and messages regarding the information I revealed in my last post. One person who called expressed concern about letting people know intimate details about my past, especially when they are not pleasant. When I thought about this and read my post again I realized that some of the information might be surprising to people but I'm not ashamed of it. I love my life in all it's glory (and not such glory). I have come to place where I have realized that feeling shame about what IS has no positive purpose and can only make things harder to move through and past. I have no shame about who I am and what has happend in my life. I embrace it and I love it. I'm happy to be completely open about myself, my thoughts and my journey. I think thoughts and information need to be shared because we are such wonderfully unique individuals and not one of us will have the same thoughts as another and encountering a new perspective can be liberating if we can share them!